Everyone wants his house fresh and clean.  For this purpose, people do a lot of things. Fresh cleaning service means removing anything from your home, apartment, and office which unwanted. People do the dusting, vacuuming, they wash their floors, windows, doors, walls and try to remove spots and stains from these things. New cleaning services refer to remove the trash, mess, debris, unwanted items, dust and dirt from your house, apartment, etc. cleaning staff removes all of this garbage from your home, apartment and office and makes it fresh and fragrant. In the long run, if you want your house, apartment, and office aromatic and sweet contact ménage total. We are serving you over the number of years in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil cities.

Ménage total deals in all types of eco- fresh cleaning services like a house, cleaning services, apartment cleaning services, office cleaning services, deep home cleaning services, deep cleaning services, and carpet cleaning services.

How is a new cleaning service essential for customers?

People want to get their house, apartment, office, newly constructed building, hospitals, gyms and daycare, and schools clean. They need fresh and clean carpet cleaning services as it is quite challenging to perform these entire tasks. Normally, when you try to find a cleaning company in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil cities, there is a company in these cities, which is the most reliable and trustworthy performing all the cleaning services? In the first place,  To say, Ménage Total is the best and honest cleaning company serving you in fresh and clean services. Our new cleaning services include the following:

  • House cleaning services
  • Apartment cleaning services
  • Office cleaning services
  • Big cleaning services
  • Commercial cleaning services
  • Residential cleaning services
  • After party cleaning services
  • Post-construction cleaning services
  • Move-in and move cleaning services
  • Widow washing services
  • Wall washing services etc

How are new Cleaning Services Beneficial for Customers?

Ménage total is much concerned about the wellbeing of its customers. In addition, we are providing you with the entire range of new cleaning services according to the requirements of our customers. Not to mention, Ménage total has a professionally trained cleaning staff which performs all of these fresh step cleaning services according to the instructions of our customers. Gently speaking, we take care of the benefits of our customers which are why we are offering you the best new cleaning services on different kinds of cleaning agreements like daily cleaning services, weekly cleaning services, biweekly cleaning services, and monthly cleaning services. Our customers hire our cleaning services according to their needs and requirements. They pick the option that is more beneficial for them.

Fresh house cleaning services

House cleaning services are the most important; these are the most demanded cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil cities. Ménage total provides you with complete house cleaning services. Like ceiling cleaning, roof cleaning, walls are cleaning, windows cleaning, door cleaning, floor cleaning, mirror cleaning, and furniture & fixture cleaning services. We are also providing our customers with the best bedroom cleaning, drawing room cleaning, everyday room cleaning, drawing room cleaning, kitchen cleaning, garage cleaning and washroom cleaning services in Montreal, Laval and Longueuil cities. Our customers who have experienced our cleaning services are 100% satisfied with our cleaning services. The detail of these cleaning services is;

Bedroom cleaning services

In Montreal, Ménage total provides you with the best bedroom cleaning services to its customers. Additionally, we are much concerned about the wellbeing of our customers. As we offer them bedroom cleaning services at much lower rates. For better cleaning service, we don’t compromise on the quality of cleaning services. Ménage total provides you with high-quality cleaning services at possible low and reasonable charges. Not only but also, we are serving the people living in Montreal, Laval and Longueuil cities over the number of years they are 100% satisfied with our cleaning services. As we don’t compromise on the wellbeing of our customers.

Drawing room cleaning services

Drawing room cleaning has a lot of importance for people as several guests visit their houses on multiple times. The messy and dirty drawing room gives an awkward look. Our aim at ménage total provides the same drawing-room cleaning services. Ménage total has a professional cleaning staff that cleans the whole of your drawing room and the objects in it. The cleaning staff cleans the ceiling first then they wash and scrub the walls to remove spots and stains from the walls. After then they turn towards the floor cleaning but first, they clean the carpet.

They remove the dirt and dust from your carpet through fresh carpet cleaning and after they wash it with health-friendly detergents and organic cleaning products. After the carpet cleaning has been done, our cleaning staff does the vacuuming of the floor. They wash it too; warm water and chemical-free detergents are being used in green cleaning of the drawing-room. Our cleaning staff cleans the furniture and fixture you have in your drawing-room.

Kitchen cleaning services

A kitchen is a place that is used a couple of times in a day; it requires the cleaning services on an ongoing basis. Our current cleaning services regarding kitchen cleaning services are best. Overall, the cleaning staff of the ménage total cleans each and everything you have in your kitchen. They clean the walls, floor, countertops, stovetops, and cabinets of your kitchen. Our professional cleaning staff removes the food crumbs from the floor surface, which stick to it and create spots and odor. We keep it clean and fresh.

Washroom cleaning services

A leading cleaning company that gives you complete washroom cleaning services. Generally, speaking, our professional cleaning staff cleans the sink, bathtub, shower, toilet, and floor of your washroom. We clean it with such care and attention that we remove all the mess and smell from the restroom and make it fresh and fragrant. As a priority, we are always concerned about the wellbeing of our customers; that’s why we use health-friendly and organic cleaning products in washroom cleaning.

Tips to hire a cleaning company

Tips to hire a cleaning company

Cleaning looks like a tiring task after spending a full day of work. That’s why cleaning companies come in. It’s what we do for a living and it’s what we do best. Commercial cleaning is inevitable to maintain a comfortable and functioning workplace. Hiring the best ever commercial cleaning company for your office cleaning is
Cleaning Services Company

Why hire a Cleaning Service Company

Finding a Cleaning Company that you can trust can be a difficult task, particularly for domestic clients. We operate throughout the Menage, providing regular service schedules to a whole variety of individuals and businesses, spanning from the regular oven and end of tenancy cleans, to technical medical and Commercial cleans. We provide free estimates and

15 Minute Cleanups for Every Room

What a 15 Minute Cleanup Is A 15 Minute Cleanup is a short well-ordered manual for cleaning a room in 15 minutes or less. While the room may not be white glove clean, it will be adequate to visitors. 15 Minute Cleanups are an incredible method to keep up a home in the middle of
Steam clean
Why Steam Clean of Your Mattress is Necessary? As you experience a considerable lot of the surveys I have on the adaptable sleeping mattress, you will see that heaps of makers give genuinely long guarantees on their items. In any case, on the off chance that you need your sleeping pad to last, it will
specialist cleaning services

specialist cleaning services

Menage Total specialist cleaning services Menage Total has extensive and in-depth deep cleaning experience. Some of the specialist cleaning services Menage Total offer include: confined space cleaning high level and overhead cleaning graffiti removal marble renovation flood and fire damage cleaning plant cleaning pressure washing hygiene cleaning factory machine cleaning property clearance and cleaning computer
Montreal Maid

Premium Residential Maid Service

Menage Total Montreal Maid Premium Residential Maid Service Menage Total is rising above your average Montreal maid residential cleaning company. Those days are gone the days of complicated quotes and cluttered websites. Just choose Menage Total one of flat rate maid services that fits your home, select a date that works, sit back and relax. Our Menage
cleaning company montreal

Cleaning Company Montreal

Cleaning Company Montreal The Ménage total cleaning company Montreal offer comprehensive industrial, commercial and domestic cleaning services to homeowners and businesses in Montreal and across the Quebec province. From domestic to commercial contract cleaning services. EXCEEDING CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS Ménage total aim to meet and exceed all your residential and commercial cleaning needs: from ironing and
End of Tenancy Cleaning Montreal
About Menage Total End of Tenancy Cleaning Montreal Services Most of the time tenancy agreements will require you to carry out an end of tenancy clean as you move out before the property is handed back to the homeowner or estate agent. To make sure the cleaning is done properly, most professional Tenancy cleaning Montreal
Menage Total Cleaning Service Montreal
Are you tired of spending your weekends cleaning? Menage Total Cleaning Service Montreal is a Montreal based cleaning services company that excels in the cleaning of households, offices and other places. Menage Total offers quality services at an affordable price that you can avail at your convenience. Menage Total is committed to making sure that your household