The floor is an important part of a house, apartment, office or office floors are found every room in any kind of building. Floor appeals for cleaning services as well, if you want to get it professionally cleaned let the ménage total know about your requirements. Ménage total is the leader company in cleaning services providing you with the best cleaning services. We are providing you the best house cleaning services, apartment cleaning services, office cleaning services, post construction cleaning services, after party cleaning services, deep cleaning services, deep house cleaning services, carpet cleaning services, commercial cleaning services, residential cleaning services and move in cleaning services, move out cleaning services, spring cleaning services, winter cleaning services, garage cleaning services, warehouse cleaning services and daycare cleaning services. Ménage total is serving in an entire range of cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil cities.

Our customers are 100% satisfied with our floor care services. We are a leading cleaning company in the cleaning industry. Ménage total has a professional cleaning staff which provides you with all of these cleaning services according to your requirements. Menage Total floor cleaning services are exemplary and identical in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil cities. Our cleaning methods are quite unique and we assure you the best floor cleaning services. Our best way of floor cleaning rates is quite reasonable and acceptable. We are offering all of these cleaning services at possible low rates.

Why Floor Cleaning Is Important?

Floor cleaning is important not only in houses but in offices also. People walk on it dirt and dust gather on the floor surface. It requires cleaning services on a regular basis as it gets dirty and messy very soon. In houses floor cleaning is important because a dirty and uncleaned floor gives an awkward look, therefore, it must be cleaned. While in office it is more important to clean their floor because an unclean and messy floor gives an awkward look and it gives an impression of non-professionalism. The floor is also important to clean and remove the germs that come with the feet of people. So floor cleaning has great importance for the prevention of germination.

How To Clean A House Floor?

Ménage total cleans your house floor according to your requirements and needs. Our professional cleaning staff works according to your instructions. Ménage total cleans your floor with the following way;

  • First, we remove all the things from the floor surface.
  • Our cleaning staff makes a mixture of warm water and health friendly detergents.
  • Our cleaning staff does the vacuuming of entire building floors
  • Then they do a detailed dusting to remove any dust left behind after vacuuming.
  • Afterwards our cleaning staff moves towards floor washing
  • They pour that mixture of warm water and detergents on floor surface
  • Then our cleaning staff cleans the floor surface and removes all the spots and stains from it.
  • They rub and scrub the floor to make clean and shiny.
  • After then they do mopping to soak the water

How To Clean An Office Floor?

Ménage total provides all the cleaning services in every kind of building. We are providing floor cleaning services in offices too. Ménage total clean your office in the following way;

  • First of all ménage total does the paperwork and plan the whole office cleaning.
  • Then they focus on floor cleaning services if you have hired us for cleaning.
  • After then our cleaning staff sweep it and does the vacuuming of the floor.
  • When the vacuuming gets completed our cleaning staff move towards floor washing
  • They use organic cleaning products in floor washing
  • Our professional cleaning staff make a mixture of warm water and health friendly detergents
  • When the mixture is ready they pour it on the floor surface.
  • Our cleaning staff rub the floor to make it clean
  • They rub and scrub to remove any spot and stains if any is there.
  • After scrubbing our cleaning staff does the mopping.

House Floor Cleaning Services

Ménage total washes floor of every room of your house, they do a detailed dusting of the floor and then they start floor washing. First of all our cleaning staff removes the carpet from floor surface. Carpet cleaning also is done after carpet cleaning they switch towards floor washing. Our professional cleaning staff removes everything from the floor surface and then thy do a detailed dusting of your floor. When the dusting has been completed our cleaning staff washes the floor with warm water and we use health friendly and organic cleaning products for floor washing.

The floor of every room needs to be cleaned and like living room floor is quite different to clean while a child room floor is much different to clean. Ménage total is the leading cleaning company which is the ideal for floor cleaning whether it is your bedroom, living room, common room. Children room, kitchen or washroom. Garage floor also appeals for cleaning services a lot. You park your vehicle there and put other things there like oil for your vehicle engine and other tools. The floor of the garage gets spotty, dirty and greasy. Ménage total provides you with the best garage floor cleaning services in Montreal, Laval and Longueuil cities. Our professional cleaning staff removes each and every spot stain and grease from your garage floor.

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